What Our Clients Are Saying

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say


“Mr. Smith, Thank you so much for the gift card and for partnering with MCS.

                                                                        Best Wishes,

                                                                                    Ms. Wall


Mr. Allred stated, "I give the service department a perfect ten on everything and I would recommend Montgomery Motors to

all of my friends".


Ms. Sweet stated, "Brandon, Paul and Kevin did a wonderful job. They absolutely have my business. I will never return to the Toyota dealership. I will continue bringing my vehicle to Montgomery Motors."


Mrs. Dehart stated, "The service department at Montgomery Motors performed a great job. My vehicle was washed and it looked brand new."


"The service visit was fantastic!"

   -Mr. Criscoe


"Any time my wife and I come in for service, everything is always great. In the 20 years that we have been doing business with Montgomery Motors, we have not had any complaints about the service provided. I would give Montgomery Motors 110% rating! I have all my vehicles serviced there. Paul and Bruce are great!"

   -Mr. Saunders


"I was completely satisfied, and everything was fine. I appreciate the follow-up call." Customer did not wish to provide further feedback.

   -Mr. Saffle


"I have not driven my vehicle much since the service, but at this point I am completely satisfied. The customer service was great."

     -L. Wylie


"My vehicle has not been repaired correctly yet. However, Montgomery Motors is doing everything they can for me. Therefore, I am
completely satisfied with my service visit."

     -Ms. Weiker


"I was completely satisfied with the oil change on my vehicle."

     -C. McAulley


"The visit was fine. They did a wonderful job, and I give them an A plus!"

       -A. Deaton


"I could not be more appreciative of Montgomery Motors. I think they do a great job and even once cleaned my vehicle
so well I did not realize it was mine."

      -I. Robledo


"I was very pleased that the service department washed my vehicle."

     -Ms. Lewis


"I had my 1991 Chevrolet Lumen in for service this past Wednesday. I do own a 1998. I will be bringing the 1998 for
service soon. I am completely satisfied with the service provided. The dealer always services my vehicles."

       -Ms. Gregory


"I am somewhat dissatisfied, since my vehicle was not repaired correctly the first time. I plan on taking the vehicle
back for service soon. I would recommend Montgomery Motors for service. My wife and I always go there for service.

       -J. Reynolds


"I bring all my vehicles to the dealership due to the exceptional services I receive! I will always recommend the dealership. If the dealership wants to send me an official survey, please have them do so, as I will answer as completely satisfied every time."

      -J. Petway


"Everyone at Montgomery Motors does a fantastic job. I am very happy with the sales and service experiences I have had. I recently tried to purchase a Honda Pilot from the sales department, but they were unable to locate specifically what I want. Even though I did not purchase my new vehicle from them, I will still have it serviced at Montgomery Motors.

     -Ms. Dixon


"I would definitely recommend Montgomery Motors, and I already referred my mother."

     -F. Tyson


"The people at Montgomery Motors are cool as a cucumber. They are always very helpful and frankly, I think they have a just earned themselves a new customer."

     -F. Kissell


"I am on my way to lunch, but I have to say that I had a great experience. I always go to Montgomery Motors to have all of my service work done. I am happy."


"Today 10/10/12 I came into your parking lot looking for a good used car that I could afford. I found a 2000 Ford Explorer that I liked with a price that I liked better. When I came around to the showroom, Ossie Marshall, greeted my granddaughter & I with a great big smile. He brought the car around to where we were & as we talked about the car, I knew I was sold even before I test drove it. Ossie was so polite and such a gentlemen, along with others that I met throughtout my visit. I have traded in my conversion van and am driving home in my "new" Ford Explorer. I hope my husband is as happy as I am. He has no clue that I traded vehicles today!!! I will gladly tell everyone about Montgomery Motors in Troy."

     -Dorothe King

"The visit was great Kenny deserves an A++ for his outstanding service. Please let his manager know."

     -Mr. Callicut

"Hi Alena,
I am sorry to say that I have decided to deal with another dealer as the location is more convenient for me. I wanted to take this time to thank you as you have been one of the nicer dealers that I have dealt with. Thank you for your time & help and sorry for the inconvenience."

     -Atthaka T.

"I was very satisfied with my service thanks to Ricky Batten and Paul. They were very great to me and I appreciated their service."

     -D. Howell

"We purchased a vehicle for my fiancé at Montgomery Motors Saturday. The experience was so great that I will come back to Montgomery Motors for my next purchase if I am in the market again."

     -Mr. Anthonson