Check Out Our Fresh Start Credit Program


  • Our goal is to help our clients rebuild their credit.
  • We achieve that goal by offering a quality pre-owned vehicle for purchase.
  • We are a little bit different than other dealerships.
  • While the Fresh Start Department is fairly new, the dealership itself has been in business since 1962.
  • We work with many lenders which report to all 3 major credit-reporting bureaus.
  • We understand the stress, anxiety, and fear that come with rebuilding credit or making a major purchase such as a vehicle.
  • Rebuilding credit is a series of steps and hurdles. By walking our clients through these steps, we help them overcome any hurdles that we may come across; and we are here to answer any questions they may have along the way.
  • We are extremely honest with our clients. All we ask in return is that they have that same honesty with us.
  • Through this honesty what we WON'T do is build a false sense of hope that other dealerships may.
  • Our clients may not drive away in their dream car. But when they do drive away, it is in a vehicle that is dependable and will build their credit.
  • We are NOT financial advisers. We have several years in this field so we are very confident about our knowledge through our experience.
  • At the client's request however, we will go over their credit report with them and give them tips on rebuilding their credit.

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